Spell check for vim

Vim is great, Vim is good. It's faster to learn how to use it than learn how to do without.

I write this site almost only with Vim so I need a functional spell check. Nothing to do, nothing to install: it's built in!

# How to stop and start spell checking

Start spell checking with

:set spell

Or with another language

:set spell spelllang=fr

(if it's your first time with this language, Vim will download every files you need)

Stop spell checking

:set nospell

# How to use

  • ]s move to next error
  • [s move to previous error
  • z= suggest a list of alternatives
  • zg add the current word to dictionary
  • zug cancel dictionary update

# Spell check files automatically

To automatically spell check markdown files (.md), add this line to your ~/.vimrc

autocmd BufEnter *.md set spell